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Monthly Archives: October 2007

back from the big apple!

(Madison Square Park, taken with my phone)

Wow, what a city! I am in love. I have been to New York City before on an art trip in college, and once again, I wasn’t disappointed! If you’ve never been I would highly recommend a visit and I thought I would include some important things to remember!

1. a good map…Melanie and I would definitely recommend this one:

2. get a metro card! (or have lots of quarters!) the card works for both buses and the subway, it is important because you may not realize that you can’t pay with cash until you are on the bus, then you must ask someone to borrow their card… not fun!

3. Scout out locations you want to see. Melanie and I are both quite the planners, so our map was full of stickers with addresses and arrows to places to see…this also helps you avoid getting lost in Chelsea for over 2 hours like my last trip… *oh, and another thing…if you are really, really lost, don’t be afraid to ask a local, most are more than willing to help. we actually had people come up to us a number of times asking if they could help us, the people are great and know their city, so just ask!

*on that note: locations to visit! *be advised, most pertain to food…but i promise they are all soo soo good!
Magnolia’s Bakery – best cupcakes ever!
Shake Shack – my favorite food of the trip, truly the best hamburgers I’ve ever had! *but they are small, so if you are really hungry be sure to get two, and be careful when you go, luckily we barely had to wait, but it can be over an hour!
*any restaurant by Danny Meyer is great, his restaurants have best customer service and the food is amazing! we also did Blue Smoke – amazing bbq, and terrace 5 in the Moma

Baltazar – yummy place in soho, we had breakfast here, oh so good!
ABC Carpet & Home – this store is 6 floors and contains some of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen, so worth the trip
– Central Park – vague right?!, just pick a spot, you can’t go wrong!
Flat Iron Building – I know there are so many amazing buildings to see, but this is my favorite.

Now, remember this is just a sample, there is so much more…but we will save that for another day!

While NYC was wonderful, I am so glad to be back and I’m so ready for this week – I can’t wait for Saturday!!! *Can you believe this time next week, I’ll be married! Crazy!!!

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