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Monthly Archives: October 2007

the reed family

I must interrupt this successive posting of wedding updates to show you the latest family I was honored to photograph. Last weekend, during the Fall Festival of Leaves in Bainbridge, I got together with the Reed Family to have a super quick photo shoot. Lori and I have been discussing this for a while and it just worked out that the entire family was there for the most beautiful weekend in Bainbridge for the fall. The family members are scattered all over, so Lori wanted to get a photograph before they all went in separate ways again for a while. We did a couple shots of the family (it was 10 mins until the Ohio State game :) ), then I went completely overboard with the kiddos! These two girls were so precious and I couldn’t stop photographing. I just wanted to share a few of my favorites! she loves her family and i just loved her expression: i think this picture proves that kids have their own language…check out those expressions, how cute! the girls:on that smiling note…have a great day!!!

*Oh and I know there are a number of you that wanted to do a session this fall after the wedding, so just email me and we can set something up soon before all the leaves are gone!

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our guestbook – the photobooth

For our wedding Justin and I really tried to make things our own and do what we could to make the day represent us the most. Neither of us were thrilled with guestbooks for people to write in or the other common ways to have one. So of course we had to come up with something different. The original idea was to rent an actual photobooth. This is actually becoming pretty popular, but also quite expensive. Not wanting to give up on the idea, I knew there would be a solution.

Most of you know that when I see something I love I often say, “I could make that!” Just ask Justin about my ideas for building a two-person tall, square desk (pottery barn has one, we just can’t afford it). Obviously this is a stretch, and it won’t come out like it is in my head…but I am not letting go of the idea. Well, it was the same way with the photo booth. I figured, We can make that! So with lots of help from my friend Melanie, we figured up what it would look like, got a few friends to help, and went to town working on it the night before the wedding! It turned out awesome, and we now have the best guestbook!

Here is a link to see a slideshow of all the images:

photobooth slideshow

As you will see, the lighting changed dramatically as the day progresses. We put the booth up at night, but obviously it would look quite different in the day. It did, but I love it anyway! Hope you enjoy them, we sure do!

Here are a few that I wanted to share:

We were testing it out and these were our beautiful models :)
My photo booth girls! A big thanks to them, because without them we wouldn’t have had a guestbook. You girls did awesome and they look great, thank you so so much!!! *Caitlin (I’ve had her on here for senior pictures, she is so awesome!), Taylor (my cousin, you’ve heard about her moving to Florida with her family to become missionaries…it was so good to see you all!), and Breanna (another cousin, keep an eye out, we are going to be doing her senior session very soon, and Bree was also named the Queen of the Fall Festival of Leaves last weekend! Congrats Breanna!!!)
I love this one of Miss Sophie Ash! SO cute! My cousin’s Katy & Lindsay. My First West Girlies! We all lived on the same hall in college…I was so happy they could all come!!! Love you girls! Jen Dela-Cruz, Allison Hulbert, me, Katie Hunter & Emily Todd
Me and my Guys! I love them so much! They’re all from Justin’s hall (the Zoo) at Asbury. Thanks for coming guys, and I promise we will have another pizza night soon! From the top: Austin Sirles, Justin & me, Joe Chambers, Nathan Forrest, Ely Cartwright & Seth Littrell
You get a lot of new brothers and sisters on your wedding day!
Matt & Theresa Drummond, Justin & me, Nathan & Jennifer Huff

More brothers & sisters! Damon & Whitney, Justin & I, Matt & Chelsea
Me & my Daddy
*Sorry, we don’t have one of Justin & me, those will come with the final prints!!!

*If you are interested in buying them, you can do so on the website. A word of caution, though…I uploaded them pretty small so they would load quicker, I think they will look good as a 4×6 (although I’m not positive), but I’m not sure if you should get them any larger. If you really want one in a larger size just let me know and I can work it out for you!

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the wedding!

On October 6th, Justin and I were married, and I thought I would finally fill you in and show a few pictures. Now keep in mind, these are all snapshots from point and shoot cameras, but I know many are checking for something, so here is what I have at the time. I promise to share the professional images from the wonderful Melanie Mauer when they’re done. So for now, here we go. *Instead of uploading a billion pictures, I just picked out a few that illustrated the day and put them together.

getting ready:
image notes: 1 – my awesome bridesmaids working on the centerpieces 2 – the tent 3 – joe & ely 4 – setting up the lights! 5 – allison & meg 6 – one of my fav pictures of the weekend, a group of some of my very favorite people!

rehearsal dinner: 1 – chelsea, whitney & damon 2 – maddie & me 3 – matt, jenn & theresa 4 – justin, seth & allison 5 – joe & ely 6 – dad, scott, mom & caralee

locations: 1 – tree in my yard that we were married under 2 – shelter house, social time (this was one of my favorite parts of the day) 3 – view in the tent (so pretty!)

ceremony: 1 – my dad & I (walking out) 2 – ceremony (and there weren’t any injuries from falling walnuts :) 3 – our personal prayer after communion 6 – mr. & mrs. drummond

reception: 1 – drink bar (this was during the social time, but there was also one in the tent) 2 – intro 3 – first dance 4 – pies (instead of cake, they were made by family members…and were sooo yummy! the meal was an amazing pasta bar and we also had crispie cream donuts to take when people left, but I don’t have a picture of that) 5 – toasts 6 & 7 – dancing fun!

If you want a few more, Mackenzie (our awesome wedding planner) uploaded some of her shots and you can see them here : more pictures

Another fun thing we did at the wedding was instead of having a typical guest book, we did a photo booth! I am so happy we did, too; the images are so fun, and I plan to make a book soon. Check back tomorrow to see a few of my favorites and a link to all of them.

Thanks to everyone for participating in it! We do want to send out a thanks to everyone who helped create our day. There is no way we could have done it without the help and support from our family and friends. People were calling and stopping by the week before asking what they could do to help. Thank you so much, we couldn’t have asked for a better day. It was so perfect!

Keep checking- photo booth pictures tomorrow and some honeymoon pictures soon after!

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i’m back!

Well, hello there! It’s been a while, and I have soo many things to fill you in on! As most of you know the past two weeks have been, well, crazy! Absolutely wonderful, exciting, and amazing, but crazy all the same :)

Justin and I were married about two weeks ago, then we spent a week living in Maysville (Justin had to teach that week), then headed to the Smoky Mountains for our honeymoon, now we are back in Ohio for the Fall Festival of Leaves in Bainbridge…then back to Maysville on Sunday! So I guess the craziness isn’t quite over yet. But it is all so fun!

As you’ve probably guessed it, I have tons and tons of photos from the past few weeks, but I have been waiting to share the following pictures with you for quite a while. I promise to show some photos from the wedding and honeymoon, but I must share these first.
I have been so blessed to have been able to photograph such beautiful people, among them, Emily & Thomas. I shared their engagement pictures before, and on September 1st I photographed their wonderful wedding. Emily has such awesome taste and everything was beautiful. I have so many favorites from this wedding, really, so so many! I just had to share some of them.

Congrats you two! I am so happy for you! Love you both!

Emily was absolutely stunning!

So yummy:

I adore this one:Such a beautiful couple!

Ok, I’ll stop, but I promise to be back soon with more recaps!

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it’s about that time!

Well, it’s about here, only one more day. Justin and I are getting married on Saturday and while things are so so crazy, it is all very exciting! It might be a bit before an update, but I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for their support. Next time you hear from me I will be Mrs. Cassidy Drummond, crazy huh?!

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