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Monthly Archives: September 2007

more party pictures!

I just realized that I had promised some more pictures from the surprise party, but I have gotten so busy that forgot! So to keep my promise, here are a few more of my favorites:

Maddie with her dad:
My soon to be in-laws!
I love this picture of Mary & Kevin:
The family!
She’s just too cute:
Anyway, hope you have a wonderful Thursday!

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it’s about time…

Tonight was my last time to make the trip from my home in Ohio to my apartment in Wilmore, Ky. The next time I make the trip will be Sunday with my family, with large trucks, to move all my stuff…

I’ve been making the trip for over 4 years now, and I will admit… it felt good! Wilmore was great, but it is so time to move on, and I am really excited about the upcoming weeks!

So here’s to my last week as a Wilmore resident!

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happy birthday jaxson!

This little guy is one year old today! I snapped a few pictures of him at a party over the weekend (I’ll post more images from that soon!) Anyway, I just wanted to share a few of my favorites of Jaxson.

He played with this truck for hours!
This one screams pure boy to me, too cute:
Also, I wanted to say happy birthday to one of my favorite people, Tyler C! Hope it was great!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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so cool!

I have been using a wipe off calender board for a couple years now. Every week or two (I know, I’m an organized freak!), I update it with new plans and change the dates. Well, tonight was pretty awesome. I know it looks like I have a crazy month ahead of me…and I do, but it was pretty awesome to fill in that last day! How cool! Just wanted to share. (Oh, and if it is hard to reach me in the next few weeks, now you may understand why :)

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and she does it again!

Yes, that is right, I am talking about Martha!
As I walked into Macy’s the first thing I saw was a sign for the Martha Stewart Collection. So of course I headed straight to the 3rd floor, and what did I find…well, “wonderfulness” in a nutshell.

Loved it all, she even has furniture, it just isn’t on the website…so you have to go check it out yourself (most of the furniture isn’t really my style *I’m a pottery barn girl*, but it is still gorgeous)

Here are some of my favorites:

simplicity, it is the best way to go:

some of my favorite things in one photo (yellow – i’m really into yellow right now, classic white cake stands, and a cupcake of course!)

loved these, but they are super thin and I have broken enough glasses… but still, so pretty:

some of my very favorite colors:

and my favorite, i LOVE everything about this:
Anyway, that’s enough, I could go on for days…

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