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Monthly Archives: August 2007

an update on my teacher man

I went to see Justin today after he was done with his first day and found him in his room, like this… He said it was a good day, and hey, he’s even going back for tomorrow :)

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Mr. Drummond

Tomorrow is Justin’s first day of teaching High School! Please send good thoughts his way in the morning, I know he will be great! I’m so proud…does it show ;)

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Since I have moved into my new place, I have really wanted to upgrade from my sister’s old futon that I have been using as a couch…even though I really didn’t have the funds to do so. I have held off, but have thought about it all the time (and didn’t stop looking). Well, most of you know that I am a craigslist junkie and always looking for good deals. I had found a listing for a “pottery barn” style couch listed for $100, a little more than I should be spending, but exactly what I was looking for. Since most that style are $800 or more, it still seemed like a good deal. I made an appointment to check out before I decided (just to make sure it wasn’t a rip-off). When Justin and I were leaving to go look at it we saw a yard sale at the end of the street with a very promising option. It was a huge antique couch (I mean really big for that style), with a great sage green fabric. Not sure of the price we had to stop and check it out. I actually didn’t really want another older piece, after just finding that chair, I thought it was time for a newer style…I don’t want to go too antique, but for this find I couldn’t resist.

So, with the amazing price tag of…$75 (no, I am not kidding), no internal damage, great fabric, gorgeous woodwork, you know I couldn’t pass it up! So here is my newest addition (I plan to pair it with a great (big) ottoman in a completely different style…my next search ;)
(the picture doesn’t give justice to it’s immense size! let’s just hope it fits in the door of our place in Maysville…it barely did here!)
pretty detail:

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chelsea & matt

Finally, right? I know most of you have been checking for these since the wedding, so here you go! I’m in love with these photos! They are all up on the ordering site (you can take a peak there, no password, just click on ‘view proofs’ on the side), but here are a few of my favorites for those of you that just want a taste! Thanks to Chelsea & Matt for letting me be a part of their day…in so many ways!

I love, love, love when a bride and groom decide to see each other before the ceremony. 1. You get a chance to really take in the day and be with each other for at least a few minutes alone. 2. It’s ok if you cry a little. 3. You can tell the other person they look amazing, without interrupting part of the ceremony. 4. You are marrying the person, why do you want to spend half the day hiding from them?! 5. It leaves plenty of time for the most important pictures of the day, the bride & groom! Who wants to rush through that?! As you can see I can go on and on, but let’s just look at the pictures :)

A time during the private moment before the ceremony.

How sweet it is…

Too cute!

LOVE it!
On Pop John’s car (one of them :)
I know what you are thinking…how are you taking pictures if you are co-maid -of-honor…well, I had awesome ‘assistants’. Actually I had two (thanks to Scott for helping with the group pictures I was in), and below is one of the great shots my other photographer captured during the ceremony. My fiance Justin did soo great! I am thrilled with the images he took, maybe even a little scared, he could probably put me out of business ;) Thanks Justin, I LOVE this shot!
The Bell Tower mission was so beautiful!

Too cute!

Ok, so I know I went overboard on the posting, but if you are not sick of them yet, head on over to ‘view proofs’ to see more!

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