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Monthly Archives: August 2007

i’m a proud new owner of…

a blackberry pearl!
Ok, so I know what you are saying…Cassidy, that is an awfully expensive phone, do you really need all that? My reply – Don’t you know I am the queen of deals?!
Yes, it’s true, I found quite a deal. Since Justin and I are moving to Maysville we had to change our service (no sprint there). Now I know when you switch over you can get free phones from certain places…well, not usually this one. I encourage you (if you switch) to look into or (I used to find some deals. Not only did I find Justin a free Razor, but I got my phone for free too (yes, it is a $300 phone). Actually with the rebates, we are even getting 2 cents back!

Not only am I so excited about the deal, I love this phone! I have been playing with it constantly (well, trying to learn it…it is quite the step up from what I had :) I haven’t been disappointed yet, seriously, call quality is great, service hasn’t let me down yet, the battery is great, both the camera & music player are awesome, storage is wonderful (I can sync it up with my address book on my computer). Also, the fact that I can be driving along the road and get email is amazing! I wasn’t sure how I would feel about that feature, but it is so great! My brother-in-law and I have been emailing back and forth all day (he’s at Bristol and I was in the car on the way to town!) Heck, I even checked my blog online too! Oh, and the trackball pearl in the middle is the perfect addition!

I am so happy with it so far, can’t wait to find out more about it! Even though I hate phone cases I had to break down and get one…I am too afraid of scratching it. So I found a $20 case online, then found it on amazon for $0.90, so hopefully it wont be too obtrusive.

*And no dad, there aren’t too many buttons for a phone! ;)

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I had so much fun on this shoot! Caitlin is so gorgeous and fun, and I think that shows in her images. I just wanted to share a few of my favorites. *I promise to restrain myself…I had a lot of favorites :)

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campbell family

Cydney, Caralee, Scott & Caitlin

I love this family! On Saturday my parents and I, along with the Campbell’s went up to Buckeye Lake for Caitlin’s senior pictures, a great lunch, and just sitting on the dock…let me just say, it was a great day!

They moved to Bainbridge about a year ago when Scott was transfered as our Pastor. They really have brought great things to not only my family, but to our church and to our town. They are wonderful, genuine people.

We had a blast doing the pictures and I am really excited about them, but for now here is a photo I snapped of the entire family. They were actually making fun of me because I was telling them to get really really close, but I think it turned out really cute!

Thanks for an awesome day!!! See you guys this weekend!

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5 little things that made my day

Simple, small things that made my day:

1. mac prep & prime: ok, girls, it is time to go mac! Now I am not talking about computers (although you all know my feelings there), I am talking about make-up. This stuff is awesome, I have been holding out getting it for months, but after Melanie let me borrow her bottle the other day, I had to stop and get it. Seriously ladies, it is a must! (I also love the studio fix and paint – for under the eye shadow, it’s all good!)

2. It’s so cool when a song from guitar hero comes on the radio. I don’t ever recall hearing “surrender” by Cheap Trick on the radio, but it made me smile because it is one of the very, very few songs I can do decent on with the game.

3. I know it is silly, but I love love love the stamps for our invitations (which I am almost finished with!). Anyway, small, silly, but they made my day.

4. Kraft Pasta Salad (in the box). The stuff is great! My friend Mackenzie made it when Melanie and I were at her house the other day. It takes no time at all to make, it’s super good, and hey, if it’s just you it lasts for a while (it has been my dinner for 3 days :) – I miss Justin… it’s no fun cooking for one! *I recommend the Classic Ranch with Bacon, yum!

5. Oh, and lastly, Gilmore Girls. I know, it’s over, and I’ve seen every episode, twice…or so I thought. When I got home I didn’t recognize the one that was on. Granted, I did come in with 15 minutes left, so there is a good chance I have seen it, but if not that means that there could be more I haven’t seen. Again, silly I know, but it’s the small things that make my day!

Hope you all had a good one too!

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i am thankful for…

the Bobb’s!
Most of you know that my family (the Bobb’s) have been called to be full time missionaries. They sold their things and moved to Florida to work for Teen Missions. Well, for the summer my Aunt Vikki, Uncle Shag, and the two youngest, Maddie & Zoe have been in Iceland. Taylor, the oldest, has been in Madagascar, and Canaan has been in Egypt. I am sure they all have the most wonderful stories and adventures, I can’t wait to hear them!

Besides being ridiculously proud of them, I am also happy to announce that they are home safe and sound (except Cannon, but he gets home tomorrow). I so proud that they spent their summer serving the Lord and doing what He has called them to do, and I am also thrilled that they are all together again.

I love you guys, and can’t wait to see you in October!!! Welcome home!

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