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Monthly Archives: July 2007

movin’ on…

Official announcement time!
Justin (my fiance) has gone off an gotten a job! He has gotten a position at Mason County High School in Maysville, Kentucky as a high school English teacher. So you know what that means, it’s time to move away from little ole’ Wilmore. Well the truth is, he is moving next week, then I will be moving after our wedding (October). We are thrilled about the chance to do something new, and while I know most of you were expecting us to be moving closer to our hometowns (we had hoped), we are still very excited about it, and hey, now we are only 1 1/2 hours from our hometowns, as opposed to 3, so that is great! Also, not only are we 1 1/2 from home, but we will be about the same from Lexington, so fortunately I will still be able to work for Melanie, not quite as much, but anytime there is a blessing for me, I am just glad it won’t be as little as we thought.

So while it took quite a while to adjust to the entire idea, we are so excited! Please, keep us in mind this weekend, we have to find a place for Justin to live (he needs to move asap!), so we are heading to Maysville tomorrow!

Other exciting news: I am planning on working a lot more out of the Chillicothe, Ohio area, so please, please don’t hesitate to call me, I love love love photographing in Chillicothe!

Congratulations Justin, I am so proud of you!

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a new fav!

Ok, yes, you are right, I’m weak. I told myself that I would not post any pictures of my sister’s wedding (which I was co-maid of honor/photographer/sort-of coordinator…) until I was completely finished. Well, obviously I am not finished, but I am breaking down and thought I would show you one of my favorites…so I know, many of you want the photos of the two of them, but you will have to just keep checking in. So for now, I love this photo: I really did almost post a couple more, but I am really trying to have some restraint, sorry, but I like the anticipation :)
Thanks for checking in, maybe I will even post a couple more very soon…

*Oh, and no news yet on the exciting job interview for Justin, but hopefully we will hear soon, keep those fingers crossed!

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I just really love this photo of my grandpa, so I thought I would share…

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google reader

I am really trying to get better with this blogging thing, I promise! So I have had many of you ask about the job interview for Justin, and I am going to keep it under wraps until we hear anything, but as soon as I do I promise to let you know. Just a hint, it may bring Cassidy Dawn Photography a little closer to her roots…if you know what I mean. I promise to keep you all in the loop.

So a little tip for those of you that are addicted to blogs like I am. You must, must check out “google reader”, it is a way to check your fav blogs without going to every single one to look for updates. Now, it could be that everyone of you out there already knows about this, apparently most do, but I am a little slow about that kind of things, so for those of you that catch on like me, the tip is for you. I promise, it is so so great, you must check it out. Go here to find out more about it: I love google and all of the little things that go along with it, check out igoogle when you have a chance. So cool!

Here is a picture from the google reader website, maybe it will make a little more sense now!

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lovin’ my new chair!

Ok, so I will confess… I am a craigslist junkie…it’s true! Well, good thing I am because I found just what I have been looking for, and for just $25. I have been wanting that one piece of furniture that was a little different, you know, like anthropologie, just a little funky and stylish, but oh so great! Now while I realize it is not everyone’s cup of tea, I am loving it. Seriously, I think I could get rid of my desk chair and just sit here with this oh so wonderful mac on my lap all evening, oh wait, I think I have :)! I actually got the chair intending to recover it (which I am sure I will eventually, I was actually hoping for a nice yellow fabric with black legs), but it just so happens to be that perfect little piece for my apartment that I was looking for. Just wanted to share!

(i mean, come on, how cozy is this!?!)

Oh, and we are taking a little trip for a job interview for Justin this weekend…so keep those fingers crossed!

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