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Monthly Archives: June 2007

emily & thomas

This awesome couple happens to be very great friends of mine. Emily and I lived on the same hall for about 3 years in college, and she is one of my very best friends from good ole’ Asbury! I am not going to even start on the good times we had…seriously good times. :) Thomas is also a friend of mine from college; he was actually the only one that kept me sane through our calculus class (remember the withering stare Thomas?).
Anyway, these two are so, so great together and I couldn’t be happier for them. I loved this shoot because I hadn’t seen them interact a lot as a couple and I was abl
e to see the love they have for each other; it was awesome. I am sooo excited to shoot their wedding in September! Well, I have tons of images, but just picked out a few of my favs. Congrats Emily and Thomas (and be ready, Justin and I are ready for a trip down your way!)

I love, love, love this sequence… (doesn’t it make you think of that song…how sweet it is to be loved by you…) I hadn’t even been to the area we did the shoot, but Thomas picked out some awesome locations! this one makes me so very happy:

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no way!

Who knew of all the new divisions hitting our local stores?! Turns out stores like Target and Michaels are getting very fun additions. Can I just tell you how thrilled I was when I walked into Michaels a couple days ago and saw this:A whole aisle of Martha Stewart crafts!
Let me just say, it’s great! So stylish and fun, and while some of it is a little pricey, there is a lot of really great stuff and you can find some good deals!

Another great find that I stumbled upon: Target wedding apparel. So I don’t know how great this will be, but it certainly is interesting and something to look into, especially those brides on budgets (like me :). You can only find it online, but be sure to check it out, there are some great party dresses too! Anyway, who knew the Smith and Hawkins aisle at Target was a start like this.

Anyone know of other great finds? Let me know!

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Asbury College Class of 2007!

Well, it came and it went, and I am just now posting pictures :) Go figure! Life gets crazy, who knew it all came on so fast?! Anyway, I know I have been promising some so here are a few I picked from the file. Wanted to post them before I left for the weekend. I will be going to Georgia, then Alabama, then Ohio, and then I will be back in the bluegrass, so it will be a few days before I am back online, but promise I wont be gone long! Until then, here’s graduation…

Me in front of my apartment. (I know it looks sad, but I promise I have really pretty flowers there now!)

There’s no way I could have done it without the best parents in the world! (My mom wore this jacket just so we would be able to find them in the crowds, so smart!)
My advisor and the new President of Asbury College. Congratulations Dr. Gray!
One of my favorite people in the world, my roommate for 3.5 years, Allison! Kentucky life is just not the same without her… (allison, who needs florida, come back to wilmore ;)
Does the phrase sophisticated, mature, adults come your mind? That’s what I thought, oh well, we did it!

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