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Monthly Archives: May 2007

entertainment ’07

Ok, now I know you all are going to think I am nuts, but I promise, hang with me for a second. As most of you know I am graduating college this week and will be getting married in the fall. Well, one of my goals is to be as thrifty as possible, normal goal right? Well, I found something to help, the entertainment book 07. I know most of you are saying, “Cassidy, you can’t save money by spending money!”, well I really think this book is great. I brought it last week online and just received it today. I was worried that I had wasted the $15 until I peeked through it. There are sooo many deals. I basically will have the book paid for by the time I use some of my subway coupons (3 coupons for one 6 inch sub and medium drink – free). That isn’t the only good thing though, this book is thick, I can’t wait to be able to use them when Justin and I allow ourselves a little treat every now and then. There are coupons for dining, movies, shopping and more!
They have the books for many different cities, so make you way there now and check if they have yours. (I know this sounds scripted, but I promise it isn’t :) )

The best part is they are 50% off, so go!

Entertainment ’07

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Almost done!

First day of finals, and I’m almost done with everything! Sorry for the random short post, I’m just pretty excited!

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