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Monthly Archives: May 2007

false alarm…

No internet yet, I thought I had it for good, but it has left again…
The internet men where there when I left for work, so maybe it is fixed now, but don’t hold your breath :)
Thanks for being faithful and checking back often, I even stayed after work to post this because I feel awful about my lack of posting. So although I don’t have any pictures to post, I do have a good article to check out. I know we all tend to stress about the gas prices, well, this awesome mechanic I know posted a few tips to help relieve the dent in the pocketbook. While it is not much, it really does help, trust me, I have been doing it too!

Check it out here.
(it is my dad, for those who don’t know ;)

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I’m back! Hopefully… my Internet is still touch and go, but for the weekend I’m in Ohio, so no problem :) I have so much to fill you all in on, and lots of pictures, but I am going to start off slow. Today we had a small shower for my sister and her fiance (chelsea & matt) and we had a great time. Well, I finally was able to snap a couple pictures of Maleah, I have been waiting for this chance since she was born, but hadn’t had the chance being in Kentucky most of the time. Well, she is so precious, and while we didn’t have a real “photo shoot”, I am hoping her parents like these just the same. I wanted to share a couple of my favorites! There were a few very cute kiddos there, so you can be on the lookout for similar posts. Oh, and I promise to post a few from graduation and other exciting happenings. Thanks for being patient, and faithful!

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So sorry!

I know, how long could I wait to post?! Well, things have been crazy and to top it off I have no internet yet. The windstream men are coming to my new apartment tomorrow and hopefully I will be back in the blogging world. There is lots to update you all on!

For those of you that have ordered prints, sorry for no confirmation email, but I have received your orders (you will be getting an email soon). Thanks for the patience!

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life is good

life is good:
my parents are here
justin’s family is here
i graduate tomorrow!
i’ve seen a lot of friends i haven’t seen for a while
i got a second interview for a job i was hoping for (pray for me on tuesday, 3pm!)
i am *almost* moved in to my new apartment

my life is good! have a wonderful sunday!

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my first apartment!

So it’s official, I have my first real apartment! I picked up the key yesterday and have already been over there planning what goes where :) . The plan is for me to move in on Monday, and then Justin will move over in October after the wedding (he has his own apartment for now too). Anyway, last night we had a bunch of the guys from Justin’s hall over for pizza before they all leave for the summer. It was a lot of fun, and even though we all had to sit on the floor and eat, Justin and I felt really good about our decision to have an apartment where it is, and hey, the price was right!
Here is a picture of everyone last night (sorry, I know you can’t tell anything about the house, but we are all standing in front of an adorable fireplace…) :)

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