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Monthly Archives: April 2007

a good day:

2 things I am allowing myself to indulge in at the moment:

Also, in other news – today is my last day of Monday class ever. So yes, are you thinking I should probably be working instead of relaxing…don’t worry, there is not a whole lot left to do for today!
Now this day is strange, especially when I think back and realize that not only is it ending my time here at college, but I have been doing this phase of my life since I was 5! Wow, changes are coming quick, and the best feeling is that I feel like I am (sort-of) ready. Now I know no one can be completely ready for life, but I am super excited to get started. I’ve got the best family, friends, and life I could ask for and I just can’t wait for this new time!
Hope you all have the weather we were blessed with here in the Bluegrass today, please enjoy it and think about what you are thankful for!

Well, what are you thankful for today?

Also, please shoot a little prayer in the direction of my family (the Bobb’s, Aunt Vikki is my Dad’s sister). They have been brave enough to follow the Lord’s call and have sold everything they own and are moving to Florida today. We will miss them so much, but I couldn’t be anymore proud of anyone I know at this moment. I love you all, can’t wait to hear about all of the adventures!
Here is their blog, please check it often and pray for them! The Bobb’s Blog

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I was lucky enough to shoot headshots for an extremely talented young lady yesterday evening. I have seen Melissa in three plays, and she was absolutely fabulous in every one! I am not kidding, this girl can do it all, act, sing, you name it. She is actually heading off to college in the fall to pursue acting. I am so excited for her and can’t wait to see her in the the shows she will be in, seriously, she is that good! Anyway, here is the headshot she chose, it was decided that it was the most “headshoty” :) I also am including my favorite image of her from the session, just for fun! Anyway, enjoy and you should be seeing her on here again soon, we are going to do a senior session coming up…I’m soo excited for that!

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a fav magazine

One of my favorite magazines arrived today (actually 2 of them, I also got my cottage living, domino must be coming tomorrow…), but the one I am talking about is my “kraft food & family” magazine. I know, sounds weird right, well, trust me, it’s a good one. There are soo many yummy looking recipes in it, and the best part…it’s free. So you must go right now to kraft’s sign-up page, and order your subscription. Promise, you’ll love it!

Oh, and I almost forgot, coupons come inside! I am so into coupons right now :)

Enjoy! I can’t wait to make the cheesecakes on the cover!

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So excited!

So, today marks one of the first of some of my favorite days of the year! Melanie (mmp) and I have the our first wedding of 2007! I love going along and helping, it is always so much fun. We have the best jobs and get to spend beautiful days with wonderful people. Just wanted to share in my excitement. Hope you all have an awesome Saturday, go out and enjoy this amazing weather!

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nice voice…

I know, I am pathetic. As you see in my last post I had just declared that I wouldn’t be able to post as much and here I go already. Well I just wanted to take a minute and point you over to Matt’s blog (e-session) He is my awesome, soon-to-be-brother-in-law. Matt works for Newsradio 610 WTVN radio in Columbus and he was just on MSNBC yesterday. I actually skipped chapel to watch only to find out we don’t even have that channel, but luckily Matt got a copy of it from the station. So yes, this post is more bragging than anything, but I can if I want :) So head on over check it out, I thought he did a great job! Sidenote: I am not posting this to hear any debates about the topic that was covered, just bragging about how great Matt did on TV. Anyway, I really have to get back to all those papers…

Matt’s Blog

(make sure you listen to the entire thing, I love the end!)

Have a great night!

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