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Monthly Archives: March 2007

photo studies

I’ve been shooting a lot of architecture for my photo studies here at school and this is one I really like. I am loving the huge blue sky. Hope your sky is this beautiful today!

Here is another one, this is actually my favorite, I am digging that red in the corner:

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take a walk!

Please, you must go out and enjoy this weather!!! I have been taking walks for at least an hour everyday that we’ve had nice weather and I just feel great. I have been updating my iTunes and walking all around Wilmore (I know, huge, right :) ), it is soo refreshing and gives me a little “me time” in the day! So get off the computer and go outside!

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Wonderful Graffiti

I love Wonderful Graffiti!!! What is it? Well the “letters are very, very thin pieces of vinyl. A light adhesive holds them firmly on the wall until you’re ready to remove them. Think Colorforms and Post-It notes.Vinyl makes Graffiti flexible, durable, and washable. Its extreme thinness and hand-applied matte finish make Wonderful Graffiti look like it’s been literally printed on the wall. (And not like vinyl at all.)
• Press it on, peel off backing, stand back and admire it

• Text arrives prepositioned and transfers all at once—no individual letters to place

• Easily removable

Won’t damage walls
• Washable and durable
• Won’t fade, crack or peel

• Stays in place until you remove it”

Although I haven’t used it personally, I do plan to once Justin and I have our own place. You should definitely check it out, not only can it make for one creative wall, but the prices aren’t bad either!
Here are a few of my favorite ideas from their website:

Hope you’re having a wonderful day!!!

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kentucky sky

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Meet my cousin Zoe.
We were playing outside last year and I was taking photos of her for fun, this one was my favorite.

Just wanted to share, if you can’t tell, I am soo in the mood for warm weather…

is it time for flip-flops yet…i just ordered some new teva’s, my all-time favorite flip-flop (in black)! (sidebar: they have modified them a bit, but i am sure they will still be ever so wonderful…)

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