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Monthly Archives: February 2007

what a show!

Justin and I just left the Lexington Opera House where we saw, I Can’t Stop Loving You: The Music of Ray Charles. It was an amazing musical review. We were given the tickets this morning by the lady Justin student teaches with, and absolutely loved the show! Not only was the singing fantastic, but the dancing was so impressive. We would recommend it to anyone if it is coming your way!
This is a picture of the Lexington Opera House and you can see our seats in the balcony (they were really good).

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favorite picture ever.

This picture is my all time favorite image, and ironically enough, it is from my family. I think it is so priceless, doesn’t it make you wish it was summer! It just so happens that the adorable little guy is probably (we aren’t positive) my 3rd cousin Harry. Just a guess, but we think it was probably taken in the 1920’s, but again, we could be wrong.
I have a lot of these old pictures of my family that I will be posting now and then, and I promise to know who most of them are!
Anyway, I just love this shot and wanted to share.
Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!

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a couple favs

These are some of my most recent favorite images of Justin and me. We took a few pictures last week, and I just love them (especially the one of him by himself). Anyway, I realized it had been a couple days since I posted so I thought I would share. Hope you are all staying warm!

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Bethany & Ryan

Here are a few photos from an engagement shoot last year. Bethany and Ryan are actually getting married this month! Congratulations you two!

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