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Monthly Archives: January 2007

technical problems…

Sorry everyone, I seem to be have some technical difficulties with my blog. I hope to get it fixed soon!

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back at asbury

So I am back for my final semester of college, ever! It is so strange to think that coming this May I will be done with school, but also very exciting. I am excited to start my life after college, a real job, or two ;), getting married and starting life in the “real world”. Thanks for everyone for your support, I hope to update more, but no promises, some of my classes might be a bit time consuming, and I just have got to find a job! Hope everyone is having a great day!

Since if finally feels like winter I thought I would post a few pictures from the ice storm a couple years ago. It might have made beautiful pictures, but I sure hope this winter doesn’t turn out that way.

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happy birthday to…me!

Yes, it’s true, yesterday was my birthday, and I (and my twin, Whitney) turned 22! It was such a fabulous day thanks to my wonderful fiance. He is just so thoughtful and creative; you wouldn’t believe how he packaged my presents! As you can see in the picture below, each package had a number, and in each of those cards was a hint as to what was inside. They were all so funny!

My favorite was this hint:
The hint was directed towards the cookbook about dips inside; so fun!

After presents, we headed to one of my fav places on earth….
to get me the real crispie creme donuts! Yum!
We then left for Columbus and shopped for a bit and ate a late lunch at one of my fav places to eat: Bon Vie ( They have seriously awesome Salmon! It was soo soo good! If you go also try the french onion soup; Justin had it and it was delicous.
One more thing, (you might be noticing a pattern here…food!) we stopped and bought some things to fix the fact that we didn’t have a cake, imagine that. So what is better than cake? (I’m biased, I know) Ice Cream! Since I couldn’t eat it then (too much Salmon), we got the necessary items to make my favorite at home! This again was Justin’s idea; he’s so thoughtful.
All that to say that I had another wonderful birthday! I have a feeling this is going to be my best year yet! Thanks everyone for the wishes and cards, I love you all!

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Theresa & Matt

Just wanted to give you all a little peak of a wedding I did back in October. You might recognize these two, I did their engagement pictures too (scroll down :) !
i love this moment:
Congrats to the newest Mr. & Mrs. Drummond!!!

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Happy 2007!

Just wanted to post a quick note to wish everyone a happy start to another great year, I plan to make this one my best yet, hope it’s the same for you!!!

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