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Monthly Archives: January 2007

Oliver Super 99 GM

Today I thought I would continue with the theme of not always photographing people, so here is a shoot from last summer. This tractor belongs to my fiance’s grandfather and it isn’t just an ordinary tractor. This is the only Oliver Super 99 with the orginal chrome grill and trim. There were 4 made, but the chrome from the other 3 had been melted down over time. The tractor is very special to them and I am so glad they asked me to photograph it. Enjoy!

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So anyone that knows me knows how much I LOVE puppies! This little guy, Cooper, belongs to my sister and her fiance. He is so much fun and I had a blast chasing him around the yard trying to get pictures. The photos here are misleading, he really isn’t this calm :), but he sure is cute! Who says you just need pictures of people?!

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super cute!

Now I know I am posting this a little late, but I just love after Christmas sales! I just found these adorable Christmas ornaments last weekend and I just love them. What is even better is the fact that it was so far after Christmas, I got them at 97 cents for 2! Seriously does it get much better?! :) So cute!

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Meet Sophie

Just as a promised, here is little miss Sophie. She is just about as precious as they come. So sweet, just like her mom! I can’t wait for Sophie to find a best friend to have fun slumber parties with just like I did with Hayley, she has a wonderful life in store for her. I am so blessed that I get to watch her grow up.
She was just born too cute people wouldn’t stop taking pictures of her, I think she was beginning to get tired of it :) Love it!Have a wonderful day today!

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Hayley + Richard

Last June, I had the privilege to photograph one of my very best friends’ wedding! Hayley and I have known each other since we were about 5, or maybe even 4. We met in Sunday School and have been close friends since, so many memories! :)

The wedding was soo fun, just like anything Hayley is involved in, she is such fun, everyone had a great time. It was small outdoor wedding (my fav) with her closest friends and family at her parents house. It was beautiful and the wedding was so personal, Hayley is so stylish! I am so happy for her and Richard, they are both wonderful people and I am blessed to call them friends, and I am so glad they found each other.

I wanted share some pictures from the wedding and decided to show you something else we can do at CDP. Custom wedding albums are great keepsakes and are always fun to create. Here are a few pages (spreads) from an album I created for Hayley and Richard. Hope you enjoy!

This crew really knew how to dance!
The evening ended with a great fireworks show in the front yard.
*Also, stay tuned for pictures of Miss Sophie, Hayley and Richard’s daughter! She is absolutely adorable!

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