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Yearly Archives: 2007


Here’s another awesome senior shoot that just so happens to be another cousin! Taylor is one of the Bobb family members that I have mentioned on here before. They have all moved on to Florida to be full-time missionaries and we were sooo excited to have them home for Christmas! The session was so much fun; I even made Bree come along and help me out! Thanks, Taylor, for being so wonderful! Here are a couple of my favs from her session: Every time I photograph downtown, I find something new that I LOVE! I’ve added this to my list of favorite walls in town. I love it, and the funny thing is that it just so happens to be the back side of my dream studio in town…how about that?!
Love this portrait-aren’t her eyes amazing!
Taylor wanted a couple with her Bible, so of course we shot some semi-traditional ones (well as traditional as I can get ;) …but this is actually my favorite:
I love the looks I get sometimes when I pick out an area…but hey, I love the tires! My stunning cousins!!! Love you girls!

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I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas. Mine has been great, full of wonderful family and very tasty food!
I’ve been waiting quite a while to share some of my favorite photos of the year! I was able to photograph one of my favorite little girls before Christmas. Sophie is the daughter of one of my
very, very best friends. She has had me photograph her often, which I love! Photos are so important and I love walking in their house seeing her precious face in the pictures I’ve been honored to document for them throughout her life. Here are a few favorites from our recent shoot (I know there are a lot, but I had picked out many many more to share, I love them!). We’ve already have a spring session in the books for the family! So if you have been thinking you’d like to do a shoot, but keep thinking you’ll get around to it, just send me an email so we can get it on the books. I promise you will be happy you have those pictures, don’t keep putting it off!

I love this portrait:

Another favorite:

I love how timeless this one is:

It was so cold outside, so we took advantage of the windows…check out her amazing eyes!

“Baby It’s Cold Outside”:
I think Sophie is a natural photographer, she took this one of her Mom & Dad, I love it!

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Merry Christmas!

I just wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas! I promised a few pictures of our apartment all decorated, so here are a few I took before we left.

We found our stockings on our honeymoon:

The wrapping every year is thought out, surprise :) Here is this years look:
hanging from the light:making cookies was an experience ;) here were a couple we had left:

An overall shot (I told you it was huge…that is just the front of the house!):
Merry Christmas from the Drummonds!!!

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the wait is over

I am fully aware that many of you have been patiently waiting for our wedding pictures to go online. Well, wait no more.

I thought I would share a few pictures from my favorite day ever. Our wedding day was absolutely perfect, I don’t know how else to describe it. I’ve had the pictures for a little while, but finally had time to share them with you all, sorry ;) They are truly amazing, and I couldn’t ask for better pictures. I wanted to include a few on here, but I’ve got so many more, and there are two more ways that you can see them. First, I’ve created a slideshow with a few of my favorites that you can see them. Just go here, password: cassidy. If that is not enough, you can see them all here, password: cassidy (I highly recommend doing both :)
Before I go any farther, I have to thank a few people for making our day so absolutely

To Mackenzie & Brad – Mackenzie is the world’s best wedding planner, hands down. I’ve worked with her for a while and knew that the wedding would be nothing short of amazing with her help. Thank you so much for helping me to create such a beautiful day. You are spectacular!

To my family and friends – you all did everything from baking delicious pies, to lighting the entire tent, to my hair, to running errands, to tying napkins, to supporting me. We couldn’t have done it without you and are so grateful for you.

And of course to Melanie Mauer. Not only an amazing photographer, but my mentor and wonderful friend. You have documented our day in a way no one else could. You knew everything that I put into the wedding, all my effort and all my heart. You were always there helping me think of new and creative ways to make this wedding our own. Thank you so much for these beautiful pictures that will always be treasured. Thank you.

Now to the pictures. I can’t explain how hard it was to just pick a few, so really, you must go see the rest.

love it:

My bouquet that inspired the entire day.
*Thanks to Nathan Cutright, he is amazing!
my favorite picture:
love this field:
love this detail on our amazing guitarist, Ely.
I am soo happy about this one! After the wedding we had a little social time (cocktail hour with no cocktails, and not an hour :) with lemonade, tea & water and a few snacks. Well, after that, on our way to the tent, we all gathered for group photo. Some may think it is a little out there, but I have always wanted to do it, and so glad we did!
Thanks to everyone for participating, you all mean the world to me.
The beautiful tent.
Better together (first dance):
Our too fun, photo guest book!
We haven’t gotten around to printing many yet, but I was excited about this frame:
Now, go see the rest!
*You can’t purchase the photos on the browsing site, but if you see some you’d like please just email me and we will get it taken care of!
or Either works!

wedding slideshow
password: cassidy
wedding gallery
password: cassidy

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a new collection.

Yes, I know, collections do nothing but clutter. However, I’ll admit I plan on starting one. I found the best idea for magnets in a magazine I was flipping though. Button magnets, they are so cute! So yes, I plan on collecting them and making beautiful, fun magnets. So if you’ve got some spare buttons feel free to send them my way ;) *I am looking for the vintagey ones!

*Oh, and I went to an antique store after church on Sunday and found the best old frame! It is old, chipped, and white (well, an old white), and just plan lovely! I am so excited and have the perfect picture in mind for it; I will be sure to post once I get it printed!

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